Unisex High Tops Light Up Shoes Metallic (Gold)


  • Description

    Unisex High Tops Light Up Shoes Metallic (Gold) (LED Lights Rechargeable)


    Size is in USA, please check our chart for UK and European sizes below and on photo :

    US 4 (UK+EU 36)

    US5 (UK+EU 37)

    US6 (UK+EU38)

    US7 (UK+EU39)

    US7.5 (UK+EU40)

    US8 (UK+EU 41)

    US9 (UK+EU 42)

    US10 (UK+EU 43)

    US10.5 (UK+EU44)


    1. There is a button on the shoes.
      Every time you press the button, the color changes to another colour.
    2. -There are seven colors in total
    3. -Eighth time you pressed the button, all seven colors flash together.
    4. -Ninth time you pressed the button, you turn off the light.
      The shoes can be charged by USB charger.

    Charging cable included.

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  • Additional Information
    Select Men/Women Size

    Womens Euro/UK 36 US 4, Womens Euro/UK 37 US 5, Womens Euro/UK 38 US 6, Womens Euro/UK 39 US 7, Womens Euro/UK 40 US 7.5, Womens Euro/UK 41 US 8, Womens Euro/UK 42 US 9, Womens Euro/UK 43 US 10, Womens Euro/UK 44 US 10.5, Mens Euro/UK 36 US 4, Mens Euro/UK 37 US 5, Mens Euro/UK 38 US 6, Mens Euro/UK 39 US 7, Mens Euro/UK 40 US 7.5, Mens Euro/UK 41 US 8, Mens Euro/UK 42 US 9, Mens Euro/UK 43 US 10, Mens Euro/UK 44 US 10.5